Nothing says French farmhouse more than well used wooden kitchen utensils, worn by the hand and aged by time.

Choose from:

- A wooden pestle / masher - this is 30cm. 12" long and has am age split in the head from age and use

- A wooden handled metal masher. The metal is aged and has developped a deep patina and the mashing surface is wonky from use. It measures approximately 23cm or 9"

- A very timeworn rolling pin which as developped a superb patina from repeated use over many years. Measures 36cm or 14"

- A larger wooden rolling pin with less patina, traditional French style and perfectly useable still.  This measures 41cm or 16"


Choose your utensils from the drop down menu below. The egg basket is available in a spearate listing.


Antique French farmhouse kitchen utensils