Utterly beautiful antique French seals for stamping sealing wax, impressing your monograms on parchments and letters. 
They are silver, hallmarked with Minerva's head and date from the 1800s.

Of exquisite quality, they are precisely and elegantly detailed and weighty. They are vignette perfect and would look delightful in a display case, Madame's boudoir or desk. 
The shorter and wider is 7cm (Just over 2.5" long) and 2.75cm (just over an inch) wide at the top. The initials are MS (the close up has been digitally reversed) 

The longer measures 3" or 9cm and is just over 1.5cm approximately 0.75" wide. The initials are BB. 
The design is replicated on both sides. 
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French 1800s silver monogrammed seals