These lovely ribbed copper and brass bottles were designed to keep you warm in Winter - just fill with hot water and their double layer of metal holds the heat. 
Quintessentially French brings you a choice of finishes to suit your decor and style. Please read the individual descriptions and choose from the drop down menu. 
You probably know Quintessentially French's policy on patina, we don't polish or restore, we offer you our French funds as they are found (but clean enough to welcome into your home) All have some dinks and knocks from many years of use.

All these bottles would polish up if required.

Bottle 1 is the heaviest patinated, having formed a broonze patina. The inner layer is loose so it clunks a bit, the top has been knocked but unscrews and there is some corrosion to the weld at the top. it is 27cm 10.5" tall. 
Bottle 2 is the shiniest in brass and copper, it too has had a clunk to the top but the stopper still opens. It is approximately 28cm or 11" tall.
Bottle 3 has a lovely copper colour. It does stand up but the base is not completely flat so it sways a little! It measures 27cm or 10.5" tall.

French antique bed warmer hot water bottles