Tactile hand worn leather bound books. Choose from four soul-full beautifully aged French prayer books, from the early 1800s.

Book 1 'Vies des Saints' lives of the Saints from 1826. It has a gold patterned spine with traces of green and a royal fleur de lis motif. It is very charming and in good condition for its nearly 200 years of age.

Book 2 A practical guide to religious prayers and sentiments for every day. Dated M DCC XL it is in incredible condition for its age, with gilding even remaining on the spine. 
Book 3 'Lame eleve a dieu' has a beautiful personal inscription date 1821 although the book was printed in 1819. It has lost a couple of pages, ripped out - I wonder why? But as well as the inscription, has a beautiful pressed flower hiding in its pages. 

Book 4 is smaller but thicker. Written in Latin, it has an embossed cover and delightful wear to the front edge of the spine where it has clearly been held daily in devotion. It has a marbeled frontspiece and is dated 1853.
The three larger books are 17cm or just under 7" long and the smaller is 13cm, 5" long. 

French antique leather bound prayer books