Adorable timeworn French baskets, which one will you choose?

These are perfect for use in the home or in the garden. smaller baskets are useful for gathering nuts, berries or just a portion of vegetables for two, as well as a stylish way of organising and displaying countless bits and pieces in the home. 
Basket 1 Is a child's or miniature version of a market shopping basket, with leather handles, it is 23cm long (approximately as it is maleable) and 14cm high. 
Basket 2 is a lidded basket, the hinges and handle are form and strong, there is some wear to the weave. This basket is 22cm long and 12cm high, not counting the handle. 
Basket 3 is a mushroom basket. It has a few little holes in the weave, but nothing substantial and a little discolouration to the base, where it has been used to forage mushrooms. It is 27cm long and 10cm high with a good strong handle.

French market baskets, selection of vintage baskets

Which basket would you like?