Salvaged from antique furniture, three pairs of adornments, each sold separately, which make fabulous props, display items or additions to your own furniture. All pieces have wear to the gilding commensurate with age and authenticity. 
Ormolu is gilded bronze and has been popular since the time of Louis XIV with Versailles and Napoleon's palatial appartments at the Louvre as perfect examples.

The first pair of acanthus scrolls can be viewed from either side, suggesting they may have been some sort of finial. They are 11cm, just under 4.5" long. 
The second corbel style pieces would ha pretty gone around the corners of perhaps an elaborate secretaire (or desk in English). They also are 11cm long and are very similar to the first pair and probably from the same piece of furniture.

The long cartouches are a different manufacturer and would probably have adorned an old armoire. They are 21cm 8.5" long. 

Shipping is addded by packed weight individually, if you buy more than one pair, or indeed combine with other items, we will check that the postage charge remains accurate. We only charge at or below actual costs. 


French salvaged pairs of ormolu furniture corbels and car touches