Quintessentially French offers you a choice of the French kitchen staple, the mouli hand operated food processor! Intriguing looking three legged and therefore very stable. Hanging hook on handle to hang in your 'batterie de cuisine'. Modern plastic versions are still made and used today due to the good design.

The first 2 mouli bowls are approximately 13cm or 5" in diameter and the julienne mouli is 9.5cm or just under 4" 
Mouli 1 has love.y wear on the handles, where it has been used time and time again to purée food

Mouli 2 has been used less and there is less wear to the handles and the metal. 
Mouli 3 is a julienne rotary grater with a press plate you push down while turning the  handle to rotate the cutting blade 

French vintage mouli classic kitchenalia

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