A beautiful stand-out French treasure. 
Wouldn't this look wonderful repurposed as a courrone du lit? The gold crown that is fixed over a bed and has curtains hung from it. 

It is also splendid as a quirky decor curio. I love the overflowing fruit bowls and Boroque shell motifs. 

What is it? It is bowed in shape and highly decorated and detailed, made of  metal. Maybe the front of a very ornate Napoleon style small fireplace, rescued from a Château or Manoir bedroom?

The round flower on the front is a knob connecting the separate front piece to the main curved piece. It looks as if it has been repainted at some stage in its history., long enough ago to have redeveloped a patina. 
A stunning conversation piece in your cabinet of curiosities or any vintage display. 
Measures 37cm 14.4" across at widest, 14cm 5.5" high in the centre. 

Gloriously ornate golden French antique cartouche