Vintage charm and so quintessentially French. There are many possible uses for these red stripe linen métis torchons. As small curtains, table cloths, made into cushion covers and even for streak free glasses. 
All are slightly different and may have slight marks from decades of storage in an ancient armoire.

Most marks can be removed by treating with the ancient French recipe of bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar. Please do read the individual descriptions.

Torchon 1 has 3 stripes along each length, the centre slightly narrower, it has a hanging tab saying 'Marque de qualité'. It is unused and in good condition, in thick creamy linen measuring  79cm 29" by 59cm 23"

Torchon 2 has 3 red stripes along each side, the centre being larger. 
it is unused in thick creamy linen and measures 79cm 29" by 59cm 23"

Torchon 3 has two stripes. It is softer and lighter linen métis and it has feint storage marks from its years in an armoire. It is clean ready to use for  streak free glass drying and good for styling. 82cm 32" long by 57cm 22"
Torchon 4 has five stripes, two large and three thin ones in the middle, although is it a little stiffer and less used, it too is a little softer and lighter. Measures 73cm 28.5" by 59cm 23"

Large vintage French torchons