Fabulous patina, this 'fronton' has the symbolism of then oak and rose for the north of France and the sunflower and olive for the south. 
It is beautifully timeworn and has developed a lovely deep patina over the years. I have only wiped it with a soft cloth, but it could be polished if required, the choice is left to you. 
Has sustained a little damage with the loss of a detail at the bottom of the olive side and a split in the same place on the oak side, although this is all present. This does not overly detract from this timeworn decorative treasure, but is a part of it history. I wonder where it was fixed originally and what happened to cause it to be detached from its original piece of furniture or decorative moulding in its grande maison. 
Measures 36cm or 14" from tip to tip and 10cm 4.25" high in the centre. 

Oromlu elegant antique symbolic pediment gilded bronze