Discovered in France but originating from Great Britain, these special silver plated pieces of flatware will certainly enhance your table. 
There are two fruit serving spoons; one 1930s deco style with a large fan shaped bowl measuring 3" by 3.5" and 9" long and an elegant oval motif at the bottom of the handle. It has been polished previously, though some dark spots remain on the bowl and patina is starting to return to the handle. It it hallmarked CWF S EP

The second fruit serving spoon has a very attractive deep repoussé design with flowers and scrolls and is market EPNS. The bowl measures 2" X 3.5" and is 9" long. 
Turning to the smaller spoons, the repoussé fruit spoon is a 20th century souvenir of the P&O ship line, stamped POSH on the handle (port out starboard home, the best and most expensive side of the ship for a cabin and the origin of the word posh. It has a pinapple, fruit, flower and leaves design and is in great condition. The spoon is 6.75" long and hallmarked EPNS Sheffield on the reverse. 
The jam spoon has an elegantly engraved flat bowl and ornately embossed handle. There is the wear of use from an old object but no wear to the silvering. It could be silver not plate but the hallmarks are difficult to distinguish. It is however a pretty and old spoon which would look super serving your jam. Measures 6.5" long. 
If buying multiple treasures, the shipping is combined. Any overpayment will be refunded. 

Silver plated vintage English flatware