Brought to you from the heart of cider country in Normandy, we have orchards and a cider press here ourselves at Le Manoir. 
This antique, probably turn of the century, hand crafted cider jug is a fabulous example. 
Perfectly patinated, as found, I haven't restored this jug, you can decide whether to enjoy its rustic charm as is, or to polish the hand forged copper bands to suit your decor. 
Jugs or 'cruches' like this would have been used for the farm workers' lunches as cider doux is low in alcohol and readily available, so flowed freely. Today, our local village restaurant still serves cider included with its 'menu ouvirer' 
It does not hold liquid as the oak staves have shrunk. Maybe soaking it for a period would restore this.  
The pitcher stands just over 1' or 31cm tall. 

Traditional large Normandy vintage oak cider pitcher

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