Confit pots such as these have been hand crafted in Normandie for centuries. They were usd to store food in fat 'confit' and had handles to stop them slipping and breaking when filling, storing and using. 
made from local stoneware, each is different according to the 'terroir' or the locality. 
The slightly larger pot is more modern,  probably mid 20th century, with a shinier glaze inside and out and a warmer nut brown colour. The inside is a creamy glaze. It measures 8.5cm to 3.5" in diameter and 7.5cm or 3" high. It has a lovely ridged handle and is very tactile. 
The smaller pot is darker in colour and uniform throughout, the glaze is less shiny and the texture of the clay rougher. It is an exceptional find as, except for a nibble in the rim, it is in great condition. This is an older style and dates back to the late 1800s. It is a beautiful rustic object and has many potential uses in your home. 
This pot measures 3" or 7cm wide and the same high. All measurements are approximate.

Please do ask any questions before purchasing, I am always happy to discuss and supply more pictures as required. 
Which is your style? 

Rustic French stoneware artisanal confit pot